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Tillandsia penascoensis

Tillandsia penascoensis  (Tillandsia penascoensis) was discovered by Renate Ehlers at an altitude of about 2000m near Penasco, Oaxaca, Mexico.
It seems that another genus called Viridantha was created before.
Like Atrovili di Petara and Moriana, it is one of the so-called "Mexico green flowers" that bloom green flowers native to Mexico.
Covered with fluffy trichomes, the leaves unfold so that they warp in one direction.
It is a very popular type because of its small size and beautiful grass shape, but it is not easy to cultivate and the amount of arrival is very small.

I was able to obtain a strain from Germany and managed to see the flowering.

■ The first flower bloomed on April 9, 2020.
​ After that, the second flower bloomed on the 18th.
From the short, thin and wide pink inflorescences, the green tips bloomed slightly open tubular flowers.
The inflorescences and small flowers peeking through the pure white cursive script gave a very cute impression.

The strain itself has taken root, and the child strain has also come out, which was good, but when I moved, the transition of the environment did not go smoothly and it died.

​ I'm very sad because I don't know when it will be available next time.

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