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About our shop

* The images on this page have nothing to do with the product. I just put a fashionable one w

We sell surplus stocks of Tillandsia (Airplants), Bromeliad, and tropical plants collected as a hobby. It may be a breeding strain or an imported strain.

I think that it will be updated irregularly, but I will do my best to introduce rare items and bargain items.

We have a main business on weekdays, and it may take several days to ship, but please feel free to associate with us.

As you can see from my Twitter account, I also have a snake called a ball python, but I don't have enough to call myself a snake man.

From the point of view of the grass, it's called a snake man because it's treated as a heretic just by keeping a snake, but from the point of view of the snakes, it's not a big deal.

Please follow me if you like.

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For details on transactions, please see the notation based on specific commercial transactions from the link below.

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