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Tillandsia ionantha'Ron'

■ About Tillandsia ionantha

Tillandsia ionantha  Is Tillandsia, which is distributed from Mexico to Nicaragua.

It is a representative and popular species of Tillandsia, and is widely known as airplants.

It is also sold at home improvement stores and 100-yen stores, and there are many opportunities to pick it up, but it seems that many of the items that have been in stock for a long time at non-specialized stores are weak. I think there are many people who buy such things and die, and think that "Airplants are difficult".

It is a very strong species by nature, and it is a Tillandsia that can be recommended to anyone because it is reasonably sized, has good flowers, and is easy to blow off.

Another reason for its popularity is that it has a wide range of distribution, and there are various mutant individuals and cultivars, and it is highly collectible.

The scientific name ionantha means violet, which is associated with the color of the flowers of this species.

There is no doubt that it is a fun kind that is strong, grows fast and grows fast. However, although there are some differences depending on the variety, it is often vulnerable to the cold, and in my environment, it goes out until the last minute of winter and it damages the leaves quite a bit.

I want to grow it beautifully.

(And all ionantha copies so far)

Tillandsia ionantha'Ron'

One of the cultivars of Tillandsia ionantha , it is a popular variety characterized by strongly curled leaves on the outside.

Compared to general Ionanta, it is a characteristic variety that is taller, thicker and shorter, and has strongly curled leaves on the outside.

At the time of flowering, the leaves are dyed pink to red, and purple tubular flowers bloom like general Ionanta.

The details of the origin are unknown, and it seems that it is based on the stock that Rainforest's president in California, USA: Paul Isley took over from Ron Herndon, but the stock itself The place of collection is not clear, and it says, "Well, isn't it somewhere in Mexico?" (Seriously)


■ 2018.12.31

The stock in the image is the stock that arrived from USA in September 2018.

Since there are only USA flights, it has grown from Japan and has blossomed all at once. I wanted it to be a little bigger. Well, if you want to blow a child stock.

By the way, in June 2018, Mr. Species Nursery also purchased this variety, but the growth rate is completely different.
The stock on the left of the image on the right (on the PC display) is the stock purchased by Species Nursery. Is the USA stock slightly larger as of September? It was about, but there was a difference at once.

I was lining up next to each other ...

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