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Neoregelia sarmentosa var. Chlorosticta

Suddenly, the scientific name Neoregelia sarmentosa v. Chlorsticta is not valid and is now treated as a synonym for Neoregelia chlorosticta.

It's a story that "then you should replace the tag", but since it is a different individual from the original when Neoregelia chlorosticta was originally described, once it is made into a chlorosticta, for example, it is different after giving it to a person. It would be annoying if a researcher in Japan said, "This is a different kind."

Although it is classified as a chlorosticta now, it is a clone from a strain that was originally described as a different species. However, it is a romantic and interesting place. Let's enjoy it loosely.

It was first mentioned in 1889, and was registered under the scientific name of the title in 1934 after walking across various classifications. So before I knew it, it was integrated into the chlorosticker.

The place of origin is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and it is a beautiful species that grows into a beautiful pot shape with leaves that have innumerable fine spots of pale green on a red background.

I'm not good at growing chlorosticta fairly well, but even if I grow it roughly, the color will rise beautifully and the grass will not collapse.

◇ January 19, 2019 (Photo taken on January 9, 2019)


Stocks purchased at a local gardening store on May 6, 2018. It is a breeding strain of Species Nursery.

The color had faded a little because it was getting cold and I took it indoors, but around late autumn it had a very beautiful red color due to the temperature difference between day and night.

Chloro sticker has a pattern that makes the leaf edge bleed with green, so it seems like a red (or black) pattern on a green background, but since the whole strain is dyed red, it feels like a green pattern on a red background. is not it.

Is it a medium-sized species in terms of size?

There is a feeling that it will bloom little by little. I don't know.

The size is reasonable, the shape is good, it is beautiful, and you can enjoy the color change depending on the season.

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