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Tillandsia'Veronica's Mariposa' (T. aeranthos x T. leonamiana)

Size: Approximately 15cm x 10cm x 8cm


A hybrid of Aeranthus and Leonamiana.

I'm wondering if Leonamiana itself is really Leonamiana these days, so I may actually be using the subsecundifolia of Lekrubifolia, but that's a beautiful Tillandsia that doesn't matter.

A trichome is attached to the tip of the pinkish vermilion inflorescence, and it looks like a gradation from vermilion to white.

The flower color is a blue tricuspid flower, and the contrast between the inflorescence and the flower is very beautiful.

The cursive script also grows like a stem and develops leaves that curve toward the light.

It is a very excellent hybrid that you can enjoy both grass and flowers.

Veronica's Mariposa |'Veronica's Mariposa'

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