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Billbergia vittata'Domingos Martins'

Billbergia vittata'Domingos Martins' is a breeding parent for a number of well-known hybrids, found near Domingos Martins in Estado do Espírito Santo, Brazil. ..

Initially " Billbergia  Billbergia was so distinctive that it was described as " domingos-martins ", but was later registered by Harry Luther as a variant of Billbergia vittata.

Bill.Domingos Martins,origin.png

The figure on the left is the position of Domingos Martins.

When Billbergia vittata'Domingos Martins' (hereinafter Domingos) was discovered, there were only two strains in the area.

The two strains were discovered by Bob Whitman, one of the founders of the Cryptansus Society, and Georgia Wagner, a private collector.

The image is Domingo-Don Beadle, but it was not discovered by Don Beadle himself, but the stock inherited from one of the discoverers, Bob Whitman, is the beginning of everything.

By the way, the Domingo owned by the two people who were first discovered no longer exists, and all the strains currently on the market are derived from the strains owned by Don Beadle.

◇ December 17, 2018(Photo taken on December 15, 2018)

Stock purchased from Species Nursery at BB 6th in winter in December 2018.

It is a strain purchased directly from Don Beadle, and is a clone of the strain listed on page 67 of Mr. Fumio Fujikawa's book "Bromeliad Handbook (a little broken w)" published by Futabasha.

The striped and speckled patterns that clearly enter the unique hue are clearly different from other Bilbergia.

It's said that it's difficult to blow off the child stock, but ... I'll ask you early and a lot, Domingo-chan ... (real intention w)

Anyway, first of all, I will do my best not to die.

■ About mating or self-seedling between Billbergia vittata'Domingos Martins'

Currently, it seems that domingo seedlings are on the market from various places, and it seems that the mainstream opinion is that they are not genuine.

By the way, there is a story that Don Beadle himself also sells seedlings as domingo. In addition, Hawaiian grower Liza Vinzant, who obtains cloned strains directly from Don Beadle and produces many attractive hybrids such as Darth Vader, sells seedlings separately from F1 ~. It seems.

By the way, the following is my personal opinion as to whether the seedlings are domingo, but I think that the seedlings can also be domingo.

I hear that many seedlings have a different atmosphere from the original, but for example, Aglaonema pictum, which has become popular in tropical plants in recent years, has different leaf patterns for each individual, which leads to collection. However, it seems that the seedling strain of this species does not inherit the traits of its parents and speaks randomly. (Although it may be somewhat consistent)

That doesn't mean that it's Aglaonema pictum , of course.

Quiet talk

Of course, in the case of Aglaonema, it is a story of species, and I think that it does not necessarily apply to Domingo registered as a variety, but the classification is decided by human beings (I decided on Tekito). It doesn't mean that), but it was actually listed as a different species (just tried to do it?) ...

It is natural that there are individual differences in seedlings, and if a deteriorated version of the original is released, I think it is not strange that a more flashy and beautiful strain than the original will be released if it is not good.

Just as there are individual differences in other species of Bilbergia depending on the place of origin, domingo is not a hybrid variety, so I think it's a little different to say, "It's not a domingo above or below this expression !!" think.

In any case, the existence of the original clone is exceptionally precious and I think that it has a romance, so it is worth it ... I think that the seedling strain must be a domingo.

Of course, for example, it would be out of the question that it looks like ginger that came out of a different kind of ginger.

In that sense as well, I think we should obtain stocks with some evidence.

Well, I'm a hobbyist who is neither an expert nor anything, so as an opinion ... I will update it again if there is progress on this stock! !! (If it should die, it will be slack.)

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