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Billbergia'Darth Vader'

Darth Vader, who is by far the most popular and well-known hybrid of Billbergia.

I use'La Noche'for Seed Parent and'Domingos Martins' for Pollen Parent!

Striped patterns and fine white spots appear on the jet-black grass.

Both parents have a striped pattern, and the color is dark, so the striped pattern and blackness have been raised.

White spots derived from domingo are added to it, making it an attractive variety.

It is a species created by the famous Hawaiian grower Liza Vinzant in 1997.

Liza is one of my favorite growers, producing a lot of great hybrids of Neore and Bill. I also like Mr. Irvin's building.

At the time of production, it seems that multiple strains were sold as Darth Vader from among the strains that grew up, and it seems that strains with a slightly different atmosphere may be sold depending on the nursery.

Currently, Liza is increasing only clones of individuals with many striped patterns and a few small white spots, but the strains released by Michael's Bromeliad in the United States and often bred in Thailand etc. , It seems that there are few striped patterns.

In any case, it's not a fake or such a fake story, but all of them are Darth Vader, so I'd rather like stocks in various places.

◇ December 17, 2018(Photo taken on December 15, 2018)

Bill Darth Vader1
Bill Darth Vader2

Stocks purchased at a local gardening store on July 20, 2018.

Mr. Liza basically does not export from Hawaii, but it seems that it will arrive at Banks Collection, which is a direct partner, and this stock is an original clone of Liza.

Bromeliad arrives at local gardening stores and sometimes at events, but it seems that Bromeliad is not popular locally, so I am grateful that I can buy it opportunistically due to my wallet situation.

I could get all the species by purchasing once a month because I couldn't sell the original species of Neore at all.

I bought it in late July, and the child stock started to appear in early August, but I missed the timing to divide it and it is in such a state. I'm worried because this is nice, but I'll divide it when it gets warm.

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