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Billbergia vittata'Domingos Martins'

Billbergia vittata'Domingos Martins' is a breeding parent for a number of well-known hybrids, found near Domingos Martins in Estado do Espírito Santo, Brazil. ..

Initially " Billbergia  Billbergia was so distinctive that it was described as " domingos-martins ", but was later registered by Harry Luther as a variant of Billbergia vittata.

The figure on the left is the position of Domingos Martins.

When Billbergia vittata'Domingos Martins' (hereinafter Domingos) was discovered, there were only two strains in the area.

The two strains were discovered by Bob Whitman, one of the founders of the Cryptansus Society, and Georgia Wagner, a private collector.

The image is Domingo-Don Beadle, but it was not discovered by Don Beadle himself, but the stock inherited from one of the discoverers, Bob Whitman, is the beginning of everything.

By the way, the Domingo owned by the two people who were first discovered no longer exists, and all the strains currently on the market are derived from the strains owned by Don Beadle.

Begonia vankerckhovenii


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