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Neoregelia punctatissima'Yellow'

Size: Approximately 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm


It is a selected variety of the original Neoregelia, Punctatissima, which is small and has a beautiful tiger pattern.

Among the selected varieties of Punctatissima, Joa Omarcio is famous, but as the name suggests, the yellowish green part becomes strongly yellowish when exposed to strong light.


It is a small and durable type, so even those who are cultivating Neoregelia for the first time will feel at ease.

Of course, it is not a variety that you often see, so many enthusiasts may be interested in it.


Since the seedlings have already appeared, potted plants and hanging baskets are fine, and since they are small, they can be cultivated in terrariums.

When cultivated in terrarium, please illuminate strongly.

ネオレゲリア プンクタティッシマ ’イエロー’|Neoregelia punctatissima 'Yellow'

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