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Sincoraea rafaerii

Size: Approximately 25cm x 10cm x 25cm


Brazil is a species found in Chapada Diamantina, Bahia.

Initially it belonged to the genus Orthophytum, but it was transferred to the genus Cincolaea.

Written by Elton Reme in 2011, it bears the name of its discoverer, Rafael Oliveira.

Yes, it was Cincola Air that decorated the cover of Brutus! (That is surely Bar Marxie species)

It seems to grow naturally in the cracks of the bedrock in the place of origin.

It is a relatively small bromeliad, with a diameter of about 25 cm to 30 cm and a flowering size.

When exposed to the sun, it turns red, and when it blooms, only the central part turns green and blooms pure white flowers.

Sincoraea rafaerii | Sincoraea rafaerii

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