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Tillandsia ixioides'Blue Albino'

Size: about 14 cm  × 10 cm  × 10 cm


It is a cultivar of Ixioides that develops beautiful white leaves covered with thick trichomes.

Normal Ixioides has yellow flowers, but as the name suggests, they have bluish white flowers.

The detailed background is unknown, and there is a theory that it is a hybrid, but since there is no specific information, it is treated as a cultivar of the original species here.

If anyone is familiar with it, please let me know ...


Although it grows slowly, it is a strong species that can withstand strong sunlight and dryness, so even those with little experience in cultivating Tillandsia can take on the challenge with confidence.

Ixioides'Blue Albino' | ixioides'Blue Albino'

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